Camila McConaughey breaks down one of her family’s favorite side dishes — which ‘goes with everything’

Camila McConaughey breaks down one of her family’s favorite side dishes — which ‘goes with everything’

Camila McConaughey really knows her way around a kitchen. “It’s a big part of our culture,” the Brazilian native and mother of three tells Yahoo Life about cooking. She has been sharing her recipes on her lifestyle website, Women Today, since 2015, and this month wrote about the benefits of reducing added sugar in your daily diet.

“It was hard for me at first,” McConnell admits, and while she has now seen some benefits, it was worth it – a concept shared by Maya Feller, a registered dietitian and nutritionist, who says “When people consume added sugars in excess of recommended amounts on a consistent basis, they are at increased risk for systemic inflammation and metabolic dysfunction, both of which are precursors to chronic disease.” Feller promises no downside, noting that “reducing the effects of added sugar is beneficial.”

Because sugar lurks in so many unexpected places – and is said to be both delicious and sweet – McConnell has an unexpectedly delicious way to start your sugar reduction: No-Mayo Coleslaw, a healthy, versatile alternative to regular salads that usually contains more than 20 grams of sugar.

To break down this simple yet delicious side dish that her family can’t get enough of, the former model and designer teamed up with the ultimate sous chef: her mother-in-law, Kay McConaughey.

The key elements that really make this harmonious blend of cabbage, apples and red onions are the mandolin slicer and the freshest seasonings, including mint leaves and lemon juice. Camilla says the splash of olive oil, apple cider vinegar and white wine vinegar gives it “a kick,” as does the final bit of salt and pepper. “My favorite salt is flake salt,” she says. As for mixing it up? “Honestly, you have to use your hands,” she notes.

Camilla and Kay are perfect for each other, and Kay, an apparently tough critic, is lucky enough to be the designated taste tester. After everything blends perfectly, the fresh, crunchy salad is served on its own, like a salad, or with a variety of dishes, such as fish, or, in honor of Latin tradition, with fried tortillas, rice and beans. One of Camila’s favorite entrees to pair with the salad is shredded pork and roasted corn. Husband Matthew McConaughey (who you may have heard of) says, “I can’t think of anything that doesn’t go with it.”

Camila McConaughey’s shredded pork, roasted corn and fresh mayo-free coleslaw. Photo by Camila McConaughey

The best part, Camila says, is that “you can eat [this] for days, but in a different way. So you never feel like you’re eating the same thing.”

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