Addison Rae Makes a Splash in a Teeny and Sheeny Green String Bikini

Addison Rae Makes a Splash in a Teeny and Sheeny Green String Bikini

Reporting from the Bahamas to let us know she’s still the same girl, TikTok queen Addison Rae has just rocked our world again with the most refreshing lemon green bikini.
Rat & Boa’s seemingly new swimsuit looks absolutely stunning on her, with the liquid metallic fabric glistening in the sun. The barely two-piece number was first seen on June 14, joined together by delicate thin cords adorned with silver accents and dark green stitching that followed a triangle. She accentuated the bikini’s sheen with shiny pink inner tubes and headphones, pairing the photo with the caption “Whatcha listening to??”

Our social media expert had a super natural beauty moment, brushing her hair into carefree waves and applying a little blush to her nose and cheeks. Of course, we know how much she loves her brand Item’s Lip Quips, so we bet she used it on her lips. For jewelry, Addison paired it with minimalist silver Lilly earrings from Jennifer Fisher Jewelry.

Because one view is never enough, Rae gives us a range of angles, a gorg close-up selfie showing off her toned and tanned arms, a cute lil plug for her Addison Rae Fragrance trio, and a mesmerizing TikTok dance. In the clock app clip, the starlet makes sure to show off her braided hair and adds a pink mini skirt. Duly noted!

Rn, it looks like Addison is having the summer of a lifetime with a hilarious time here. She posted another video from the trip where she dropped another cute bikini that reminds us of the glamorous vintage suit she rocked a few weeks ago. To release the turtles into the ocean and snorkel (jelly), Addison wore a Zoe bikini and Zoe shorts from Fruity Booty, which feature the cutest heart-shaped accents.

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