Houston Woman Brings Joy To Her Grandmother After Styling Her Hair

Houston Woman Brings Joy To Her Grandmother After Styling Her Hair

A Houston woman has gone viral online after sharing a video of a heartwarming moment with her grandmother. In the video she posted on Instagram, Renee J. Smith shows the joy her grandmother experienced after completing her hair for the first time in six years.

The grandmother initially looks confused and concerned about whatever Smith intends to do to her hair. But Smith clearly knew exactly what she was doing when she braided her grandmother’s hair.

“I finally did it !!!!!! It’s been over 6 years since my grandmother had a real haircut,” Smith wrote on Instagram. “My grandmother had long, beautiful blonde hair. It was strong and healthy, but with age, medication and hormonal changes, it all went away.”
Smith appeared subdued as she styled her grandmother’s hair, but she couldn’t control her emotions in front of the camera.

“I cried privately afterwards because doing this style brought back so many memories. I couldn’t believe she let me do it without complaining about the pain. God is good,” Ms. Houston wrote. “I think she looks very beautiful. She actually had a few choice words to say because she thought I would leave her hair with a branch, but the end result was beautiful.”

Smith’s grandmother broke into a big smile when she saw the end result.

“Look at her face. Her madness turned into a smile,” the giddy granddaughter wrote. “No more Africans! We’re going to have some fun!”

A few days later, Smith said in another post, her grandmother was rushed to the hospital with a low heart rate.

“They thought they would have to install a pacemaker, but as her dementia rapidly changed,” Smith wrote. “She started acting out and couldn’t remember where she was. This was the first time I had seen her in rare form. She was eventually moved to the intensive care unit and had to be heavily sedated. I called out to God in a way I had never done before, and I knew he would show up.”

After the woman’s heart rate increased, doctors allowed her to be discharged and monitored at home.

“My grandmother taught me almost everything I know,” Smith wrote. “My desire to be a good wife came from her. She and my grandfather were married for 65 years. He left us last August, and unfortunately Mom is not the same. She was a wonderful wife and he was a wonderful husband. I am almost certain she is suffering from heartbreak, something only God can heal.”

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